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A living space, for all your desires!

Namaste is a sumptuous catamaran with an open interior square that allows a panoramic sea view. Accommodating up to 14 people, you will also enjoy the comfort of the outside thanks to a huge sunbath on the front of the boat.

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Meeting with cetaceans all year long

The dolphin watching is possible all year long! Thanks to the knowledge of our skipper, you will be able to live this magical moment and to observe them very closely .. while raising awareness to the marine environment.

From June to September, humpback whales travel thousands of kilometers from Antarctica, to find the warm waters of the island of Reunion, come to mate and give birth to their young.
Watch these majestic mammals and the acrobatics of the calves that plunge and resurge water along the coast of the island, wonder assured!

Listen live whale song with a hydrophone made available to you on the Namaste, an exceptional moment ...

Song of Whales -

Vidéo - The whales of Reunion Island (2017)

The work-relaxation union

A unique catamaran, Namaste offers you the pleasure of a meeting at sea. A wonderful way to combine productivity and relaxation in the relaxing world of the ocean. A real floating office!


The interior square space allows you an ideal layout for a group work situation. Tested and approved...

After a productive day, why not enjoy a meal at sea, sublimated by one of the most beautiful sunset in the Indian Ocean?

Birthday / Bachelor Party Boys / Girls of Honor / Pot of Departure / Arrival / Brunch / Romantic Walk / Shooting Photo ...

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